I purchased this gift for my son as a Christmas gift but found my daughter spent hours playing with this set. What joy! As a matter of fact, she is the one that kept making projects…

This is a wonderful thing for kids to learn about circuits and how the world around them works. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with the product.


I would also be interested in knowing how I could purchase smaller sets to use in a classroom setting. My children attend a charter school that would be very interested in incorporating circuitry into their science curriculum.

Thanks again for putting such a wonderful product on the market!

To Elenco,

I am an instructor at a Middle School in Kansas. This is my 11th year in this school and one of the subjects we cover for our students is electronics. I have just purchased a kit of yours, Model SC-300 from a local retailer.

I love the idea of these kits. In my 10+ years of working with students, I have not had such an easy way of conveying basic electronic component knowledge into a working circuit for my students. We used to use solderless circuit boards, but the components and wires just do not last. Another advantage of these kits is that the components are still components that the students can handle individually. Many electronic trainers have been built, but they are hard to understand running the wires all over the place and tracing wires, etc. I see your kits as a great tool for my school to teach electronics. They seem to make the concepts of electronics easy to assemble and therefore easier to learn…


Dear Friends,
We gave Snap Circuits, Jr., to our 9-year old daughter as a surprise. Man o’ man!! Once she figured out what was in the box, there was no stopping her! She has been working thru the experiments sitting on the floor in my home office, asking questions from time to time. I make sure she understands the idea behind each experiment, and then she moves on to the next one. She is covering concepts that I didn’t get until high school, and because this is so well designed, easy to use and clear to understand, she is soaking this up like a sponge. I am so impressed by this product. What a wonderful teaching tool! I shall definitely mention to the science teachers at our elementary school.

Sincerely, Marie

“As an elementary teacher of gifted students, I am constantly searching for a product that is fun, exciting, challenging and hands-on. The Snap Circuits Jr. Kit has it all! This is my favorite hands-on activity of all time! The students thrive on seeing how many things they can create. It allows them to take an abstract idea and turn it into a concrete working model. They always “moan” when I tell them it is clean up time! It is all done in a fun, simply organized, entertaining way that provides learning at a higher thinking level! I can’t say enough wonderful things about this product!”

Michelle Todd


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