Snap Circuits Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the larger versions (such as the SC-750 or the upgrades to it) too advanced for an 8-year-old? All Snap Circuits products are for ages 8 and up. The larger versions have more parts and projects so kids have more to do, but are just as easy to use. The computer interface in the SC-750 has an easy-to-follow manual that is suitable for an 8-year-old, but an 8-year-old may not fully understand the importance of what he/she is doing.
  2. The manuals are educational, but do you have anything that really teaches electronics?  Our Student Guides teach basic electricity and electronics in the everyday world using our Learn By Doing concept. You can find a sample of them HERE and you may purchase them HERE!
  3. Where can I learn more about the parts in Snap Circuits? See the preceding questions and the “About Your Snap Circuits Parts” section on page 3 or 4 of you project manuals. If you have more than one manual then some parts are described in each manual.
  4. Where can I learn more about what is inside the various Snap Circuits IC modules?  Download the information package.
  5. Are the manuals available on-line? Yes, at www.elenco.com. SC-100, SC-300, SC-500, and SC-750 are the main Snap Circuits products, SCROV10 is for RC Snap Rover, CI73 is the computer interface, and SCP01-SCP06 are the small kits. Note that the SC-300/500/750 products require some of the other manuals. For example if you need the SC-500 manuals then you need to download the SC-500, SC-300 and SC-100 manuals.
  6. Questions about the Computer interface:
    1. What does the computer interface do? It lets you “look” at the electrical signals by turning your PC into an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. It does not use your computer to control your circuits, only to monitor them.
    2. Do you have a Mac version? No.
    3. Is the manual available on-line? http://www.elenco.ws/manuals/CI-73.pdf
    4. Can the software and cable be used with other products? Yes.
  7. What power sources can be used with Snap Circuits? Only use the battery holders included in your set. Never use ANY other source of power. Never combine batteries holders from different sets. The only exception is our AC-SNAP AC Power Supply for Snap Circuits (available HERE! ), which may be used instead of the batteries, but never in addition to them.
  8. What retail store in my area carries Snap Circuits products and upgrade kits? Select the “Where to Buy” box on the www.elenco.com website. Note that most upgrade kits are sold by mail order.
  9. How can I order from abroad when I don't know what the shipping charge will be? How can I figure shipping? The shipping charge varies by country & product weight, so contact us for the cost. Typically this is 3-6 times the rate for USA customers.
  10. The fan does not fit right on the motor M1? There should be a black plastic piece with three prongs on the motor shaft. If it is not at the top of the shaft then use a screwdriver to move it to the top. If it is missing or some prongs or broken then you need to get a new motor (M1).
  11. U3 does not match the manual? On some units the marking for U3 (the space war IC) was printed upside-down. The placement shown for U3 (the space war IC) in the manuals is correct; U3 is always connected differently from U1 and U2.
  12. Where can I find upgrade kits for the Snap Kits TM I bought at Radio Shack? The RS-101 (Electronics 101), RS-202 (Electronics 202), and RS-303 (Electronics 303) are similar to the SC-100, SC-300, and SC-750, but have some different components. Radio Shack does not offer upgrade kits; to upgrade you should convert to Elenco version.

To convert RS-101 to SC-100 you need:

  • 6SCJ1 black jumper wire

  • 6SCJ2 red jumper wire

  • 6SCWC whistle chip

To convert RS-202 to SC-300 you need:

  • 6SCJ1 black jumper wire

  • 6SCJ2 red jumper wire

  • 6SCL1 2.5V lamp socket

  • 6SCL1B 2.5V bulb

  • 6SCU4 power amplifier IC

  • 6SCWC whistle chip

  • 6SCX1 microphone

 To convert RS-303 to SC-750 you need:

  • 6SCB2 solar cell

  • 753292 projects 512-692 manual (33 projects use the solar cell)


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