Kid Kreations

Here are a few designs we received from Snap Circuits users like yourself. Click here to download the Snap Circuits Designer to make and submit your own designs to

Designer Date Submitted Project Name Minimum Requirement
Pasindu in Sri Lanka June, 2015 Saucer Launcher SC-500 or Larger Parts Set
Ian from Florida June, 2013 Relay Motion Detector SC-500, B5 and U7
Bennett from Maryland June, 2013 Ben's U1 and-or U2 sounds SC100
Jeff from New Jersey June, 2013 Flashlight and Telegraph Combo sc-500
Jonah from Seattle June, 2013 Fuse Tester SC-100
Quinlan from Toronto June, 2013 Burglar Alarm SC-500
ELENCO® June, 2012 Web Circuits SC300 & Up
ELENCO® October, 2011 Bonus Rover Projects SCROV10 & SC300
ELENCO® October, 2011 U7 Additional Projects SC300, Plus U7 & B5
James and James in Kansas October, 2011 RC Timer - Controlled Sounds SC100
Jonah In Seattle, age 8 October, 2011 Light Sensitive Trombrone SC300
Jacob in California October, 2011 LED Motion Detector SC100, Plus U7 & B5
Daniel October, 2011 MP3 Speaker Amplifier SC300 and CI73 cable
Dee October, 2011 Light Controlled Oscillator SC300
Derik in Massachusetts October, 2011 Motion Detector with Sound Recorder SC500, plus B4, U7, Q2

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