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Product image Strobe Light and Sound

  • Adjustable-speed strobe light with soundeffects.
  • 5 additional projects

Product image Motion Detector

  • When motion is detected, a laser sound isemitted and the color LED flashes.
  • 5 additional projects

Product image FM Radio

  • Build an FM radio that really works!
  • 3 additional projects

Product image LED Fun

  • Create your own colorful light show!
  • 10 additional projects

Product image Basic Electricity

  • Learn about basic electricityprinciples while having fun!
  • 10 additional projects

Product image Snap Circuits Flying Saucer Plus

  • Press and release the switch andwatch the saucer rise into the air!
  • 10 additional projects

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Snap CircuitsĀ® Motion

No product images to displaySnap Circuits Motion

Snap Circuits Motion

Build over 165 exciting projects!

Contains over 50 parts

Product image Snap Circuits SOUND ®

Snap Circuits SOUND ®, the newest addition to the Snap Circuits® line up.  Learn all about sound and how it is made and heard.  Build more the 185 projects to help demonstrate the principles of sound. APPS for

Product image Manual for Snap Circuits LIGHT

Manual ONLY for Snap Circuits® LIGHT!

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