Correction and Updates Details

SCBE75 - Snaptricity


This product used a new motor to extend battery life, but some projects are changed (manual will be corrected in the next revision):
Project 12 – Remove “a lot” from operation text (voltage drops more than with lamp, but not a lot more).
Project 30 – Typical motor resistances in table should be 10 ohms with fan and 40 ohms without fan.
Project 55 – In operation text, add “or go out” after “lamps get dim”.
Project 59 – This project only works if you have the old-style motor, so use the following circuit in its place. Place the thin rod inside the electromagnet and press the switch. When the slide switch positions are set to their B positions, the motor will spin a little slower, the thin rod will be a little lower, and the lamps will be very dimly lit. You may have to give the motor a push to get it started.


Manual PDF (Click to download):   Pages_from_SCBE75.pdf


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